Ven. U Oattama Day officially allowed for celebration

Tun Tun

Sittwe: The authorities in Sittwe, the Capital in Arakan State, have officially permitted a celebration of Ven. U Oattama Day this year though it was officially not allowed for years, said a student leader.

As officially being permitted, the day is said to be held with the program of offering wreaths and paying homage to the Statue of Ven. U Oattama in his memorial park in Sittwe.

“Administrator of Sittwe Township, U Ngwe San, has granted official permission for celebrating Ven. U Oattama Day on 5th of September except the honorary procession in the town. But we are now preparing to celebrate the day”, said the student who is also a member of the committee of the Sittwe’s University Student Union (Interim).

He said the student union applied for official permission for observing Ven. U Oattama Day from the township administrator office on 4th of September and the office has given permission to them at 10 am on 5th of September.

The student union is said to have asked permission from the authorities for observing the day with their five-point demands. Their demands are; (1) to allow offering wreaths and paying homage to the Statue of Ven. U Oattama, (2) to allow the students wearing uniforms to peacefully march to his memorial park taking the main road (3) to allow holding public lectures and talks in memories of Ven. U Oattama in front of his statue in the park (4) to allow the students to undertaking their self-security and (5) to allow the students marching back from the park after concluding the ceremony.

The coming September 9 will mark the 73rd death anniversary of Ven. U Oattama.

While speaking their agendas of observing the day, the student leader said, “We will go to his holiness’s memorial park by bus because we are not allowed to march to the park. We will wear similar T-shirts that bear the portrait of Ven. U Oattama at the front and his sermon “Learn other literature after knowing ones own literature” at the back. We will gather at the park before 9 am on the day and will start our ceremony jointly with other town people at 9:09 am with prayers, offering wreaths and paying homage to his holiness’s statue.”

It is also learnt that the 73rd Anniversary of Ven. U Oattama who is also known as the Beacon of Burma’s Independence will be observed not only by the students in Sittwe but also every Arakanese, including politicians in all towns in Arakan State as well.