U Aye Thar Aung Urges Overseas Arakanese to Pursue Knowledge and Skills Host countries

Dhaka: U Aye Thar Aung, the President of the Arakan League for Democracy, has urged overseas Arakanese to pursue academic studies for learning and acquiring knowledge and skills in their respective host countries while on his tour to New York.

He urged Arakanese to do so while speaking to Arakanese who held a special meeting to receive him in New York on the 30th. Over 100 Arakanese living in New York as well as other nearby towns attended the meeting.

“I would like to urge our Arakanese especially the young people to do educational studies wherever you are living, and to work for the betterment of your society with the knowledge and skills acquired from your learning and studies”, said U Aye Thar Aung in the meeting.

Dr. Ashin Naryaka, who chaired the meeting made similar urges to young Arakanese living in foreign countries during his speech in the meeting as well.

Arakanese writer and poet Khine Lunn (Mayghawady) who is now living in Utica in the USA also said that the role of Arakanese educated people at home and abroad and their contributions are very important for the development of their homeland.

U Aye Thar Aung answered every question asked by participants in the meeting patiently and the meeting concluded at around 4 pm.