Two lighthouses erected in Arakan coast

Narinjara News

Man Aung, March 8

Lighthouse-Arakan coast

With an aim to prevent accidents for waterway users, two lighthouses were erected at Maung Aung island of Arakan coast in western Burma.

The lighthouses were built in the mouth of Maung Aung river which across the Maung Aung town to culminate the Bay of Bengal.

“The lighthouse project was implemented by  Shwe Danyatun company limited which started working in the ground since January  this year.

The heights of the lighthouses are 40 and 30 feet. Both were completed last month,” said the company director U Maung Shwe Nu.

Most of the people in Maung Aung Township depend on waterways for traveling as they can not afford other options. The lighthouses are expected to be useful for the machine boat & ferry ship users as theArakan coast comprises many dangerous rocks & corals.

“We faced lot of problems in traveling primarily in rainy and foggy days as there was no signal to direct us. Now we confident of getting help from the lighthouses in need,” said a local resident.