Two Bangladeshis swimming from Sea arrested in Man Aung’s Rae Kyunt Island

Man Aung: Two Bangladeshi nationals were reportedly arrested on Rae Kyunt Island in Man Aung Township in Arakan State on Saturday after they landed on the island after swimming from the sea.

The town of Man Aung with welcoming signboard.

“Some of our villagers found them from a farm-hut on the island. They cannot speak both Arakanese and Burmese languages. When they were asked by a villager who knows Bengali, they said they came here after swimming from the sea and they are from Teknaf in Bangladesh”, said one of the villagers.

He said they were taken to Man Aung after the villagers on the island informed to the local authorities.

“We have informed to the local authorities because they are in great troubles. Then, the township administrator came to our island and took them to Man Aung”, he said.

The villagers are said to have asked them the details about their landing on the island, but they did not give any further answers except that they swam to the island from a boat in the sea saying that they did not understand the questions.

A woman from the island also said there are two villages named as South and North on Rae Kyunt Island and nearly 500 houses are situated in those two villages. The villagers are said to have stepped up the security of their villages after the unknown arrival of those two Bengalis on their island.

“The people in our villages are now worrying for their security since the unknown arrival of those two Bengalis on the island. We have also heard that there are more peoples in a boat in the sea to come to our island. So, our villagers are now taking sentry duties patrolling around the island day and night. My father has also gone with a group to watch the shores around our island”, said the woman.

According to the local sources, 47 Bangladeshis boat peoples were also arrested on 25th of November in Kyaukpru as they landed on a shore after the engine of their boat broke down on their way in the sea.

They were said to be set out to the sea by the local authorities after repairing their boat-engine and providing food and water.