Trawler sunk, 17 missing in Arakan

(Narinjara News, 4 August 2014)


A trawler in Arakan sea.

A trawler is reportedly sunk in the Arakan coast on 2 August, where 17 crews go missing. Of course, 6 crews were rescued safe from the vessel named Annawar Min (9).

The incident took place at around 1 pm of Saturday in a location adjacent to Rambree and Kyauk Pru.

A helmsman from another trawler informed that his crew members rescued  6 persons from the sinking vessel when  it was almost capsized in the sea near to Min Bying under Kyauk Pru township.

The sailors revealed that the vessel carried 23 crewmen and 17 out of them are still missing.

“We could rescue only 6 crewmen from the sea, but do not know about the others,” the helmsman added.

However, according to the government sources, there were 25 sailors on the trawler and 19 people remain traceless.

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