Thousands join rally supporting two-child policy for Muslims

Dateline: More residents of Sittwe, which was known as Akyab during the British rule in western Burma (Myanmar) are coming to the streets supporting the single wife &two-child policy for the Muslim families living in the South East Asian country.


Thousands join rally supporting two-child policy for Muslims

Thousands of residents joined in a rally yesterday supporting the Arakan State government act for the controversial law targeting the Muslim community in two townships of northern Arakan.

The rally was organized by groups of monks, participants of social networking and local politicians in the Arakan capital to show their backing to the province government on its mission to adopt the two child policy for the Muslims.

A female leader from Rakhine Women Network Group, Ma Nyo Aye, informed that the rally was joined by not only the local residents, but also many political party leaders of Arakan namely NLD, ALD, RNDP, USDP,  NUP etc.

“It is for our national interest that so many people including the worker-leaders representing several political parties had joined in the rally supporting the government’s act,” she asserted.

The rally that started at 1 PM witnessed the participation of thousands of demonstrators holding posters and placards highlighting the two child policy on Muslims. Many demonstrators, wearing white T-shirts together, marched through the streets of Sittwe endorsing their supports to the government law.

“We also demand that the government should extend the two child policy for Muslim residents throughout the State of Arakan and implement the process of ‘Swe Tin Sit’ that literarily means ‘to scrutinize Muslims whether they are Burmese citizens or foreigners’.

The rally was organized with the government permission and it was concluded at 2:30 PM without any unpleasant incidents.

Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with the UN and  US had already expressed their resentments against the two child policy for Muslims adopted by the State government in Buthidaug and Maungdaw townships of northern Arakan condemning it as another form of human rights abuses going on in Burma.