Sophisticated speedboats arrive in Maungdaw for patrolling

( Narinjara News, 24 October 2014):


At least two speedboats, equipped with defensive weapons, have arrived in Maungdaw, a border town of Burma, which would be used for patrolling in the western border with Bangladesh, said a defense official.

“There are two Yamaha motor engines clamped speedboats which can run over 50 miles per hour. Moreover, the boats are equipped with some automatic heavy machine guns and also steel plates as bunkers,” added the official.

Days back, the Burma government declared that it would form a police coast guard for patrolling both in land and water (sea) ways.

“We are happy to see the sophisticated speedboats. Now we feel more secured,” said a Maungdaw resident with sparkles in his eyes.

The government planned to deploy more such speedboats in the Naff river along the Burma-Bangladesh border. These boats are expected to help the police also in checking drug & arms smuggling, human trafficking and the movement of terror groups, added the defence official.

Various civil society groups continue urging the Burmese government to patrol the Naff river and Arakan coast. Their voices gained momentum after the 2012 sectarian violence erupted in Arakan. They argued that some people from Bangladesh entered into Burma for settling illegally, which made the Burmese people more insured.

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