Solo protester denied bail

RFA photo( Thandwe, 6 September 2013) : The Arakanese authority has detained a solo protester in Thandawe, a southern district town of Arakan, on September 2 as he demonstrated his anger   against the land confiscation of the Burma Army.

Ko Soe Wai, who had earlier too staged such protests, engaged in his last solo demonstration holding a poster near the Thandwe airport on Monday.

Soon a group of police personnel arrived in the location and detained him when his protest program was going on. Later the police sent him to the township court where the judge denied his bail for release, said one of his colleagues.

Mentionable is that in earlier two occasions, when Ko Soe Wai staged his solo protest, the judge granted bail with warnings.

A Thandwe based social activist, Ko Soe Wai has been raising voices against the land confiscation practices of the Army and also demanding to return back those plots of land to the local farmers.

The rough estimate says that the Army has confiscated over 10000 acres of farm lands, owned by the local people without any compensation packages in Thandwe district of Arakan.

The local farmers have appealed to the higher authorities, including the chief of Parliament many times to return back the land to them, but the authority has not responded with positive gestures till date.