Six Hindus massacred by Islamist militants in Arakan

Narinjara News

27th August 2017


Six persons belonged to two  Hindu barber families were murdered by Islamist militants in Maungdaw  on 26 August. The victims include four  children, said a officer from the local police station.

“They were killed by the Bengali terrorists at Myo Thu Gyi Muslim village located at entry point  of Maungdaw as they fled from Myin Lwat and U Daung villages following the terror attacks. Belonged to the barber community, the villagers were residents from southern Maungdaw locality,” added the police officer.

Their bodies were brought to the  hospital by the police this morning for autopsy. Two other individuals of the group including one woman however survived the attack with senior injuries.

The victims were later identified as Nara Nar (35, son of Zaw Du Ram), Han Mawtaw (35, son of Mawno Rain), Khu Law Ni (5, daughter of Zaw Du Ram), Chunan Dar (5, son of Nara Nar), Shitar (5, son of Han Mawtaw) and Markuna Fee (3, daughter of Han Mawtaw).


Thawnar Yee (25, daughter of Nawnit Yar) with another Hindu male escaped the attack. They are presently admitted to the Buthidaung township hospital.

The State counselor office also admitted about the killing of six Hindu family members at Myothu Gyi village  by the terrorists on Saturday.

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