Sittwe University Still Closed from Lack of Attendance

Sittwe: The government officially announced that Sittwe University in Arakan’s state capital would reopen on 16 July, but was unable to open the university as promised when no students returned to attend class.

“We did not go to our school because we still have no security to travel to our school. We have to worry about our security because there are a number of Bengali villages around our university and it means no student and no school can be opened,” said the student.

Saya Win, who runs a private boarding house for students coming from distant areas, also said no student came to his houses even though it was officially announced that the university would be reopened on 16 July.

“It was officially announced that the university would be opened today, but no student has come to my houses yet. The university could not be opened either. Our business is also being hurt because no student has come to stay in our houses,” he said.

According to the student, there is no hostel for the students in Sittwe University, and the students who travel from distant townships to study at the university have to stay in boarding houses run by private businessmen in the Sittwe.

A teacher from the university said it is necessary to take time to open the university and authorities have to ensure security for the students before opening the university.

It was learnt that Sittwe Technical College has already opened, even though Sittwe University is unable convene classes.

“Sittwe Technical College is already opened and the police are escorting students on their way to the school. But most of the students are not going to their school yet. Only 50 to 100 students are seen going to their school,” said Ko Tun Linn, a former student of the college.

The primary, middle, and high schools in urban Sittwe are reportedly already opened, but the schools in rural areas remain closed due to lack of sufficient security.