Sittwe-Buthidaung riverine route reopened


The traffic riverine route between Sittwe and Buthidaung, one of the main riverine routes in western Burma’s Arakan State, is now reopened after the land and riverine routes were closed down for over a week due to the violent unrest in the region.

The local residents said the ships plying the route were allowed to resume their voyages starting from the 16th of June as the situation in the region has started to calm down.

“The government closed down all riverine routes since the violence attacks started. Now the situation is starting to calm down and it has started to open the riverine route between Sittwe and Buthidaung on June 16. The peoples are also traveling on it now”, said a trader from Buthidaung.

Since the riverine routes have been cut off due to the violent unrest consumer goods have become scarce in some areas in the region. The prices of essential edibles are said to have skyrocketed especially in the townships of Buthidaung and Maungdaw.

“Now the ship-lines have reopened as the situation is calming. The price of rice and other edibles may fall down as well. Everyone here is now expecting the return of a normal situation like before”, said the trader.

Some of the market and grocery shops in Sittwe and Maungdaw are also said to be have started to reopen as well.
It is learnt that the remaining riverine routes in the region are also expected to be reopened soon depending on the situation.