RWU makes an appeal for the end to violence in Arakan

Maung Aye

The Rakhine Women’s Union (RWU) has made an earnest appeal to all responsible people and authorities for their collaborative efforts for an immediate end to the violent unrest that has been spreading within the last few days in Arakan State.

The organization based in Dhaka made this appeal in its statement issued on 24th of October concerning the communal violence between Arakanese and Bengali people in Arakan State.

“The current violence should be stopped without any continuation. So, we have issued this appeal to both communities to end the violence against each other considering their plights”, said Daw Saw Mra Razar Lunn, the Chairperson of the RWU.

“We have felt deep concern for the current communal violence that has resulted in bloodshed and damage in Arakan State. We have also evaluated such violence as a terrible and harmful jeopardy not only for Arakan State but also for the whole of Burma”, said the RWU’s statement.

Daw Saw Mra Razar Lunn said the current problem should be solved after laying down both short and long-term plans, and it will be difficult to find the solution if the problem continues in this way.

The communal riot between Arakanese and Bengali, which started on the 22nd of October in Minbya Township, also spreading to other townships including Mrauk-U, Mraybon and Kyaukpru in Arakan State.

Daw Mra Razar Lunn said if the violence continues in such a manner, all people in Arakan State have to live in constant fear losing confidence in each other and the situation in the region will worsen rather than getting better.

While speaking about the peaceful co-existance between Arakanese and Muslims in the region, she said, “The government as well as the UN and other organizations must respect the desires of the local people. If they act against the will of people, there will be more problems. So, they should find the root causes of the current problems first.”
The violence that started from 22nd of October has left nearly 2,000 houses burned down and dozens of people killed and injured in Mrauk-U and Minbya Townships.