RNDP Welcomes New Mro Party

Sittwe: The Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, the current leading political party in Arakan State, said it welcomed the emergence of a political party the represents the minority Mro people in the region.

The Mro Nationalities Party was granted to register as a political party by the Union Election Commission on 28 February.

“We are glad for a new ethnic political party that has come to exist in our Arakan State. Our party itself is the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party that is not formed for the Rakhine people alone but for all national people – such as Mro, Dainak, Thet, and Khami – in our region, for their equal rights. We welcome and accept the party as one of our brothers’ political parties,” said U Hla Saw, secretary of the RNDP.

He added that his party is always ready to collaborate with other ethnic political parties in Arakan State for the development and equality of rights among the ethnic people in the region.

“According to the constitution, there is one ministry for the ethnic Chin people in our region, but the ministry is now represented by a minister from the USDP and not by the Chin candidate or leader. We would like to see the Chin constituency represented by genuine Chin people in our region and that is why we support and encourage the emergence of such political parties in our region. We are always ready to work together with those parties for the development and equality of rights in our region,” he said.

The Mro Nationalities Party is said to have opened its head office in No, 245 in Ward No. 4, in Buthidaung in northern Arakan State, with the aim of working for the development of Mro people in the region.

Mro are one of the regional ethnic minority people in Arakan State, and they are currently living in the hills in northern Arakan State and southern Chin State. Their population is estimated at over 20,000 in the region.