RNDP to merge with ALD

( Ann, 1 June 2013) : A three day long annual central committee meeting of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP), which won 34 Parliamentary seats in 2010 general election in Burma, concluded Wednesday with a charter of demands with six  points.

RNDP billborad Arakan

The RNDP elaborated 6 points of demands in its statement issued on 29 May just after the central committee meeting was concluded. The demands include a) to hold a discuss meeting between RNDP and Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) immediately to merge a solo largest political party of Arakan; b) to abolish the rights of establishing political party, voting and candidate rights by none citizens who hold temporary National ID cards; c)  to abolish the rights for  illegal migrants from government auction, owner rights of land, d) to protect the people in Mrdae island from the affect of their livelihoods by gas and oil project ; e) to try electricity in the whole Arakan state by Shwe Gas with cheap price; f) to oppose the RP electoral system.

Talking to Narinjara over phone after the meeting, Dr Aye Maung, president of RNDP, said that central committee meeting was successful and it adopted  many fruitful decisions in the meeting.

He also informed that his party members vowed in the meeting to build national unity as the first priority among the Arakanese people to carry out national interest effectively.

“Unity is very important for our people and hence we are going to build the national unity as our first priority. We also formed a combining committee to merge with ALD party in order to achieve our goal of national unity,” asserted Dr Maung.

The RNDP has also resolved to form a strong Arakanese political party before 2015 general election. To achieve the status, the RNDP has initiated to combine with Arakan League for Democracy, which is another important political party of Arakan.

The ALD won 11 Parliamentary seats in 1990 election but the military rulers did not recognize the outcome and later abolished the party without showing any convincing reason.
Despite the party was abolished by the military government, the ALD continued working with the Suu Kyi led National League for Democracy for democratization of Burma. In the last election held in 2010, the ALD did not get opportunity to participate. Soon after the election the ALD re-registered as a political party with the Burma election commission. Presently the ALD is recognized as a full-fledged political party of the country.

“Most of Arakanese voters do not want to support two Arakanese political parties in the State. The general populace are also urging us to unite both the parties,” said Dr Maung adding that the ALD leadership had also declared on 25 May last about their interest to get merged with the RNDP.

“So we have decided in the meeting to look forward for our joint endeavor in the coming days,” concluded Dr Maung.

The RNDP is expected to start the merging process from 15 June and a combined meeting between the leaders of RNDP and ALD will be held sometime later this month. The meeting will also witness the presence of monks and social groups.

According to some local sources, the Arakanese are expressing happiness at the decision of RNDP to merge with the ALD.