RNDP publishes a monograph concerning electricity in Arakan State

Sittwe: The leading Arakanese political party, Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) has published a monograph that informs the general public about the Shwe Gas Project and their basic need for electricity to continue developments in Arakan State.

The publication is titled “Presentation to the Arakanese peoples for the rights to electricity from Shwe Gas Project” and has been circulated in all areas in Arakan State by the party.

“We have published the monograph in order to raise awareness among our Arakanese people about our natural gas reserves and our basic need for electricity for our own developments in our region”, said one of the monograph distributors from the party.

The present situation in the production of natural gas from the “Shwe” offshore gas reserves, the size of gas found in the reserves and the management by the union government of the gas, and the present electricity situation in Arakan State are the main subjects written in the monograph.

The questions and answers concerning the Shwe Gas Project and the electricity situation in Arakan State between the MPs of the RNDP and the Union Ministers in the houses of parliament are also mentioned in the monograph.

According to the monograph, Arakan State receives less than 1% of the electricity that is supplied to the whole of Burma despite its enormous gas reserves and other natural resources. Due to the lack of a sufficient electricity supply, the region has been reduced to the second poorest and the most under-developed region in the country suffering from backwardness in all sectors, including agriculture and industry.

It said that the present central government however continues to neglect the fact that Arakan State needs sufficient electricity for its own developments, and has planned to export natural gas from the region to China, and to supply some of the gas to the industries in central Burma without considering Arakan State.

The monograph in its conclusion said that it is a Arakanese national affair and every Arakanese is responsible to demand the supply of sufficient electricity to their native region from the power generated from natural gas from the Shwe Gas Project, which is in Arakan State.

According to the distributor, the monograph has been distributed to all areas in Arakan State, this started last January.