RNDP President to Take First Tour to Southern Arakan to Meet Public

Taungup: It hasn’t been easy in the past hold public meetings with a politician in Burma but now it is getting a little more free to undertake such activities since the reformist government led by president Thein Sein came to power.

“We had a public meeting on Thursday in Taungup where we discussed political issues with the public  Many people attended the meeting and asked many questions related to present politics,” Dr Aye Maung, the president of Rakhine Nationality Development party said.

The town of Taungup played a leading role in the struggle for democracy during the period of the past military government.  Many politicians from the town were detained and sentenced to imprisonment for their contribution to democratic activities.

The meeting was held in the office of RNDP Toungup township but there was not any harm or disturbances from the authority in Taungup.

“It was very difficult to get the such opportunity by a politician in the past but  now we can get opportunity to do it. Many residents attended the public meeting conducted by politicians without fear,” Dr Aye Maung.

Dr Aye Maung delivered a speech at the meeting and replied to many questions put forward by the public.

“I explained recent Burmese political issues both inside and outside of parliament, the political stand of our party, the issue related to the Arakan conflict and various international political affairs to the people. Afterwards many questions came from the attendees,” he said.

Around 100 people attended the meeting and it lasted 3 hours from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Another CEC member of RNDP U Aung Kyaw Zan also attended the meeting and delivered a speech as well.