Residents protest against seized farmlands in Ngapali Beach

Ni Min Naing (Thandwe)

Narinjara News, 27 February


Over 300 people have staged a protest in Ngapali of Thandwe Township, Arakan State, to demand the return of confiscated farmlands.

“The 55th Infantry Battalion (IB-55) confiscated our lands in 2000. Hotels are being built on these lands for business purpose now. We are protesting because we want our lands back,” said Ko Soe Moe from Zee Phyu Kone Ward in Ngapali.

According to him, the Burmese government and the Burma Army have confiscated over 100 acres of lands from over 60 farmers in Ngapali Beach to carry out governmnet projects but hotels have been built on these lands now.

According to the protestors, Major Tint Sann (retired) confiscated 48 acres of land in Daung Thauk Taung, UG Company confiscated 58 acres of land in Sin Kyat, Daw Marlar Tint, wife of Major General Khin Maung Than (retired), confiscated 8.89 acres of land in Nat Mauk Taung, U Phyo Hla Wai confiscated 7.50 acres of land in War Taung Kwin Village, IB-55 of the Burma Army confiscated the lands near the Ngapali Beach, where Hotel Hilton, In the Rose, Max Myanmar, and Amazing Hotel have been built now.

“We have submitted appeals to the President and the [Arakan] State Chief Minister more than ten times now. They still have not solved the issues so we have to hold the protest,” Ko Soe Moe added.

The protestors marched from Ngapali to Doe Taung, which is at the entrance of Thandwe, at 1PM and continued to march to Thandwe.


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