Residents Call for Real Murder Culprits To be Punished

Kyauktaw: Arakanese people called on the authority to punish the real culprits behind the murder of U Kyaw Maung Chay during his funeral Kyauk Taw Township in Arakan.

People held posters saying “Punish the real culprits,” at the funeral of U Kyaw Maung Chay in Kyauk Taw on the 13th of  September 2012.

“Nearly 20000 Araknese People gathered at the funeral of U Kyaw Maung Chay to show their strength and solidarity against the criminals who murdered U Kyaw Maung Chay. At the funeral ceremony people disclosed their desire for authority by holding posters calling on them to punish the real culprits,” said a monk who attended.

U Kyaw Maung Chay was the former chairman of the village council of Tharak Oak Village in Kyauktaw Township in Arakan State. He was killed by someone who cut his throat in the evening of September 11th after he came back home from Kyauktaw.

The incident took place when he was on the way to home to Tharak Oak village after taking the money sent by his son in Malaysia from his eldest daughter who is living in downtown Kyauktaw.

He died from deep sword cuts on his throat and occipital bone, the police official said.

After the incident police arrested two suspects from Paikthe village located near the murder scene.

“We arrested two suspects one is Shwe Maung whose alias is Adu Marlake and Lalu whose alias is Fawri Ahmad. Both suspects are from the Paikthe Bengali village in Kyaw Taw Township,” the police officer said.

However local residents in Kyauk Taw have been speculating as to whether the two arrested by police are the real culprits or not.

“According to our experience, the police and concerned authority in our area often punish innocent people who are not real culprits after taking huge bribes from the real perpetrators. Because of this concern we call for the authority to punish the real culprits,” Ko Ni Aung Kyaw from Kyauk Taw said.

Police officials in Kyauk Taw Township have neglected to punish many criminals for their involvement in anti social activities in the recent sectarian violence in Arakan state after taking bribes.

Because of this anger and dissatisfaction are growing amongst local residents in Kyauktaw as the authority continues to omit punishing criminals in the area.