Rescued boat passengers using Myanmar flag were mostly Bangladeshi citizens

Maung Aye, Narinjara, 25 November 2014:


Among 623 people, who were rescued by the Bangladesh naval force recently from a boat hosting a Myanmar flag and leading to Malaysia, most of them were Bangladeshi citizens, the local authority in Dhaka claimed.

Quoting the Bangla authority, Dhaka based Bangla news-outlets reported that 494 rescued people (out of 623) belonged to Bangladesh.

Mahbul Rahman, one of the officers from Bangladesh naval force, had prosecuted 98 persons in a police station of Chittagong for illegal trespassing the border on November 19, said the media report.

A good number Bangladeshi people, who faced acute poverty, unemployment and  lower salaries in their  crowded country, often try to sail to Malaysia through water ways illegally by country boats during the  favourable weather season.

Similarly, the Bangladesh media and activists claim that many Rohingya people, now living in Arakan State of western Burma, also try to get inside their country for shelter and necessary international media attention.

The Daily Star, a widely circulated English newspaper of Bangladesh reported on  October 19 that there were only 18 Myanmarese citizens out of 134 people, who were arrested recently by the Thai authority.

Quoting E. Haque, the counselor of Bangladesh in Bangkok, the newspaper also added that the rest were from his country (Bangladesh).

The Bangladesh counselor, who talked to 700 trafficked people from Bangladesh to Thailand recently  and found that 300 among them were Bangladeshi citizens, who were later repatriated to their country. The rest are also scheduled to get repatriated to Bangladesh, the media report claimed.
The Bangladesh government recently informed that it had investigated the credentials of 253 people, now lodged in different jails of Thailand,  and found them as  Bangladeshi citizens. The media reports also claimed that there might be very little number of Burmese nationals among them.

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