Rapist sentenced for life imprisonment in Arakan

( Narinjara News, 29 September 2014)

Delhi-courtMaungdaw district court has sentenced a 30 years old individual  for life imprisonment against his offence of sexually abusing a tribal girl in Buthidaung township in northern Arakan.

The judge of the  district court on 24 September 2014 handed over the punishment order to Marmaud Tawyaw, a  bamboo artisan.

“The  bamboo cutter (Marmaud Tawyaw) was found guilty of raping the girl and he has been convicted under Burma’s section 376 law related to the rape,” informed U Tun Win, a lawyer by profession.

The incident took place in rural areas of Buthidaung on 30 July last, when a 17 years old female private teacher belonged to Khami community was sexually abused by Marmaud Tawyaw.

The lady teacher, accompanied by a minor girl, was returning to her Sa Hon village in the afternoon from attending private classes in Lake Ya village.

As they were walking through a deserted road between the two villages, Marmaud Tawyaw emerged there and threatened both with a sword. The minor girl got scared and run away from the spot, following which the rapist overpowered the tribal teacher.

After her arrival in the village, the family members lodged a complain in Buthidaung police station and soon the border police traced Marmaud Tawyaw. He was immediately arrested and subsequently brought under the judicial processes of the country.