Public honour to RNDP president Dr Aye Maung

(Sittwe, 25 Dec 2013) : A prominent Rakhine politician has been awarded a gold medal for his relentless struggles for the cause of Arakanese people by the residents Pauktaw township, 30 miles east of the Arakan capital city Sittwe.

Dr Aye Maung, who leads Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) was conferred the honour in a public meeting held at the local town hall on 20 December last.

“RNDP president Dr Aye Maung was awarded the gold medal by Bawing Saradaw, a senior and prominent monk of Pauktaw, on behalf of entire citizens of the township. It was a gratitude to him for his endeavour for the development of Arakan and its millions of people,” said a local committee member.

Mentionable is that Dr Aye Maung is regarded not only as the president of RNDP, but also an honourable  representative of National Parliament, Burma.

The people of Pauktaw township had unanimously decided to honour him for his contribution & efforts for the Arakanese people.

Along with the gold medal, Dr Aye Maung was also offered a certificate in the function.

Speaking to Narinjara after the receiving the award, Dr Aye Maung revealed that he has much more to do for the people of Arakan and the State as a whole. He also expressed his gratefulness for the people for the gesture.

The award function, which was attended by over 1000 audiences including monks & students, witnessed series of applauses on Dr Aye Maung for the award.

Responding to the audience, Dr Aye Maung described his journey from public life to Parliament’s floor in his brief speech to the cheering crowd.