Prayer campaign in Arakan for Unity journalists

(Narinjara News, 15 July 2014)

Prayer campaign in Arakan

A prayer campaign for five media employees of Unity Weekly News, who have been sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for an article published in the journal, was held on Monday in Sittwe, the capital city of Arakan.

Ko Than Haing, a senior journalist based in Arakan informed that the prayer campaign for the convicted media persons by a lower court in central Burma, took place at Bura Gyi temple in Sittwe  for an hour starting at 9:45 am.

“Around 20 journalists from several news agencies in Sittwe attended the prayer campaign. The participants prayed by holding candle lights for the release of those media workers at the earliest,” he added.

The journalists engaged with The Voice, The Weekly, DVB, Narinjara, Myit Makha and other news agencies including  some freelance journalists assembled in the program.

The Pakaukku district court on 10 July 2014 had sentenced four working journalists and a senior media management employee of Unity Weekly News for the long term jail with hard labour  under the National Security Act for a ‘mistaken story’ published in journal. It was printed with a photo of a ‘nuclear factory’ reportedly constructed by the Burmese government in Pauk township in upper Burma.

The Burma government has expressed dissatisfactions with its denial note and also sued the journalists for spreading the misinformation.

“We are really concerned about the future of the journalists. I believe the action is none other than the oppression on media persons by the government,” asserted U Then Hlaing while citing his view on the development.

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