Police deny demonstration permission in front of Bangladesh consulate in Sittwe

Sitttwe: The police at Sittwe township police station have denied a protest permission to hold a demonstration in front of the Bangladesh consulate in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan state.

An organizer Ko Maung Nu said that police officials in Sittwe Township refused to issue the permission for the demonstration without any solid grounds on Friday.

The permission seeking group submitted a letter to the Sittwe police station on 5 October for a permit to hold the rally in front of the Bangladesh consulate.

The protest is to be held in front of the Bangladesh consulate in Sittwe to show their solidarity with victims of Buddhist community in Bangladesh, he said.

In Bangladesh, some radicalized and extremist Muslim groups set Buddhist temples on fire, Buddhist villages and Hindu temples in Ramu, Cox’sbazar and Chittagong on 29 and 30 September.

“Even though the Township police station denied to issue us a permit for the protest, we have not given up. We are now trying again to get permission from high authority to hold the protest. We submitted a letter to Arakan state police station again ,” Maung Nu said.

Arakan state police station have to response to them within 4 days whether to allow it or not, said Maung Nu.

According to resident sources, Sittwe police station also denied a woman’s rights group permission to hold a rally on the street of Sittwe. The woman’s rights group was seeking permission from police to hold a protest against the plan of OIC to open an office in Sittwe.