Over 375 students evacuated from Taungbro

Narinjara News
Maungdaw, 12th September 2017


Hundreds of  Arakanese students, who got stranded at Taungbro for a couple of weeks, were evacuated on Sunday by the Myanmar Army personnel. According to Abbot Sara Na from Natha Daung orphanage, their students went to the border town with Bangladesh, but soon faced terror threats.

“Over 1000 people including 375 students from my orphanage arrived back at Maungdaw on Monday. They were evacuated as terrorists threatened to attack Taungbro sub-town,” informed the monk.


The students hail from Natha Daung orphanage, the biggest monastery education center in western Myanmar. Soon after the Muslim terrorists attacked 30 outposts along the Myanmar border, the students were shifted to Taungbro sub-town. Later threats surfaced in that locality as well. Later the terrorists set the orphanage and monastery on fire.

“We took the decision to evacuate the students from Taungbro to Maungdaw as they faced security problems there. Moreover there was not enough volume of food-items for them,” said Sara Na adding that the students are now taking shelter at Myo Ma monastery of Maungdaw.


There are over  400 schools in Maungdaw district and all of those are being closed down since the terrorists attacked border police outposts on the night of 25 August.

Mung Mung Oo, a student from the group stated that they are now worried about their educations as all schools had been closed down by the authority due to the ongoing turmoil.

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