Over 300 peoples attend public meeting held by parliamentarian in Mraybone

Maung Rammar

Mray Bon: Over 300 local Arakanese people have attended a public meeting that was held by U Phe Than, a member of parliament from the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, giving an account of his experiences in parliament to the public on 14th of September in Mraybone Township in Arakan State.

“He held the public meeting at 2 pm in Myot-U Pagoda in Mraybone and over 300 people attended the meeting to listen his public lecture about his experiences in parliament”, said a local Arakanese woman who attended the meeting.

Speaking about his lecture, the woman said, “He talked about the demands they made for the people in parliament and gave a detailed account of his experience as a member in parliament. He also told us that President U Thein Sein had urged them to help control the current problems occurring in Arakan State by mobilizing their own Arakanese people and other public affairs as well.”

The Parliamentarian U Phe Than also confirmed that he had held the public meeting in Mraybone as a part of his party’s program to give an explanation of their parliamentary experiences to the people in all townships.

“I have held the public meeting in order to explain what we have demanded in the parliament for the people and our parliamentary experiences to our peoples. Other parliamentary members of our party also plan to hold similar meetings in their respective townships”, said U Phe Than.

He said he started his meeting at 12 pm and concluded at 2 pm successfully.