Over 30 killed in Arakan encounter

Yangon, 15 November 2016


Over 30 people including one Burma Army commander were killed in two days’ gun fighting between the security forces and the armed Muslim militants in Muangdaw township of Arakan.

According to Burma official sources, the encounter that took place on 12 &13 November at the  Bangladesh bordering Mayin Taung area, snatched away the life of a soldier.

The security forces found the bodies of six attackers along with one BA-94 weapon & ammunition, which were similar to the arms taken away by the militants on 9 October from the Kyi Kanpyin border police headquarter.

The Burma Army arrested 36 persons who were believed to be aligned with the attackers from Pwinphyuchaung village who arrived in the location with knives & guns.

When the troops arrived at Gwason Muslim village to conduct the clearance operation, over 500 men, mostly Muslim villagers attacked the troops with small guns, knives and spears on their hands.


During the fierce attack, Major Kyaw Ze Ya, a commander in Light Infantry Battalion 345 was killed where many other officials and soldiers received injuries. Two helicopters from the Air force also helped the troops in the encounter.

According to the authority, six attackers were killed at Gwason Muslim village, when they attacked the security forces with various locally made weapons.

In another accident that took place at Dargyizar Taung Muslim village, 19 attackers were killed as around 20 errant villagers targeted the troops during the clearance operation.

Later the troops found the bodies of three more attackers in the operation nearby Gwason and Dargyizar Taung villages. Over 50 houses in Gwason and 60 in Dargyizar Taung village were damaged as the attackers set the houses on fire, claimed the authority.

The Myanmar government on Sunday officially informed that fierce gun battles continued in Rakhine, where the security forces were conducting counterinsurgency operations since nine police officers were killed in an attack on Bangladesh bordering locality last month.