Over 130 Chin nationals of Arakan to convert into Buddhism

Narinara News

Yangon, 23 March 2017


133 Chin nationals of Burma (Myanmar) have decided to convert into Buddhism with a religious ceremony scheduled for 30 March 2016 at Hay Zaw lay village under Min Ku village tract in Minbya township of Arakan State.

The Chin people, who hail from the same village, took the decision after they were pursued by a prominent Buddhist monk of the region.

According to the facilitating monk U Wiriya, altogether 133 Chin people representing 27 Chin families of Arakan decided to adopt Buddhism as their region.

Chin State of Burma is primarily dominated by the Christian people with sizable population of Buddhist nationals. The propagating monk U Wiriya took lot of pain to convince all these people to convert into Buddhism.

He also requested the director general of religion department in NayPyiDaw for donating some funds for the conversion ceremony