NLD opens office in Kyaukpru

By Maung Rammer
Kyauk Pru: The National League for Democracy (NLD) has opened a branch office in Kyaukpru, a township in southern Arakan state, on 26 February.

This is the sixth township office the NLD has re-opened in Arakan State since it re-registered with the union election commission as a political party.

The acting Chairman of NLD of Arakan State, U Maung Krun Aung, inaugurated the office opening ceremony and addressed the opening speech in the ceremony.

“We have opened our offices here in order to increase the support of the people to our party so that we can work out our main policy of developing democracy for the people of our country”, said U Maung Krun Aung.

He said the NLD has already opened offices in the townships of Rambray, Thandwe, Toungup, Man Aung, Sittwe and Kyaukpru, and has a plan to open offices in all townships in Arakan State after opening the regional head office in Sittwe to canvas votes in the region for the 2015 election.

“We have planned to open our offices in all townships in Arakan State. We have already opened the township office in Sittwe on 25 March and after that we will continue to open offices in other remaining townships in the region”, said U Maung Krun Aung.

Over 400 people including supporters and invited representatives from other parties attended the office opening ceremony of the NLD in Kyaukpru. The local authorities closely watched the ceremony, but they did not cause any disturbance to the ceremony.