NLD Opens Office in Arakan State

Man Aung: The National League for Democracy (NLD) has opened an office in Manaung Township in southern Arakan State on the 9th February.

U Maung Maung, the vice chairman of NLD in Manaung Township said the office was opened at his residence in Myothit Ward in downtown Manaung.

“We opened our township office along with a signboard placing ceremony at 8 am yesterday in my residence. Over 800 local people, including our members attended in the ceremony”, said U Maung Maung.

He said the NLD has over 3,000 former members and is now working to extend new membership in Manaung Township.

“There are so many people who support the NLD in our township, we have re-opened our office here especially to serve the interests of our people and to help them solve their long-suffering difficulties in the area”, he said.

U Maung Muang said that there are township-level and state-level leading committees working for the NLD offices in Arakan State and a 21-member committee has also been formed for the office in Manaung Township, in which U Shwe Aung is the Chairman, he and U Sein Thaung are the vice-chairmen and U Than Ngwe is the secretary.

It is learnt that the other political parties that include the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party and the National Unity Party have already opened their respective offices in Manaung Township as well.