Muslims from Kyaukpru Flee Seaside Homes

Kyauk Pru: Many Muslim families from Kyaukpru in Arakan State have fled their homes after communal attacks on them took place on Tuesday in the town, according to a local resident who witnessed them leaving.

“They have fled, going in over 40 engine-powered boats. I think they will go to St Martin Island in Bangladesh if they can drive across the sea. Or they may land at Sandawshin Island near Sittwe”, said the resident.

He said that few Muslim families have remained in the town after the violence.

“Most of the Muslim families from Paikseik Village in Kyaukpru have fled by sea. Only around 100 families remain in the village. I have not seen any authorities preventing them from fleeing”, he said.

Dozens of houses were burned down and some people were killed and injured during the communal clashes between Arakanese and Muslims in Kyaukpru yesterday.

“People from both sides were killed and injured by the clashes yesterday. I am now in the hospital and making lists of those killed and injured”, said a source.