Muslim youth in Buddhist monk robe arrested in Sittwe

Tun Tun and Maung Rammar

Sittwe: A Muslim youth wearing as a Buddhist monk robe was caught on Sunday in Sittwe, the capital city in Arakan State.

Muslim youth in Buddhist monk robe arrested

He was disrobed and handed over to the police, said a local resident.

“He was not coming to attack the monastery as many people are saying in our town, but the abbot of the monastery saved him cladding in the robe because he felt sympathy for him. I myself have gone to the monastery and asked the abbot about the matter. He was disrobed and handed over to police”, he said.

The youth is said to be robed by Ven. U Sandarlawka, the abbot of the Sandarlawka Monastery in Block-1 in Narzi Ward in Sittwe.

He is identified as Pukilar who lives in the same block in Narzi Ward. He was arrested around 10:30 pm on Sunday from the monastery.

He was brought to Taungchayrwa Monastery in Konetan Ward in Sittwe for interrogation by the authorities after being arrested.

Ashin Dhammadaza, the vice secretary of the Young Buddhist Monk Organization (Sittwe) who participated in the investigation of the youth, said Ven. Sandarlawka adorned the Muslim youth in monk robe with sincerity, but the youth had some other intentions behind wearing the robe.

“We were not the only organization, there were also officers of police, SP, army, and the religious department when we investigated the youth. He told us that he was ordered by his leaders to dress like a Buddhist monk and to launch arson attacks on the Buddhist monasteries, and that he was one of the seven who have been assigned for the attacks. That is what he has stated during our investigation”, said Ashin Dhammadaza.

The monk also said the youth was handed over to the police station for legal action after he was investigated.

It is learnt that various rumors about that Muslim youth are spreading in Sittwe.

Narinjara contacted Police Station No. 1 in Sittwe for further details, but the officer on duty from the station said they have no authority to speak about the news.

It is also learnt that the Township Buddhist Monk Council has also investigated Saradaw U Sandarlawka regarding whether he has broken any Vinayas, the disciplines for a Buddhist monk, for adorning the monk robe on the Muslim youth.