Mrauk U city hall construction faces public furies

Man Yu Kyaw (Shwe Wa Land),  Narinjara News,  2 November 2014:

Ancient Royal Palace in Mrauk U.

Ancient Royal Palace in Mrauk U.

Social Net Work of Mrauk U has issued a statement of protests against the construction of the city hall as it might distress old cultural heritages.

The statement, released on  October 29 expressing concern over the construction, also appealed to the people for extending supports for their cause to safeguard the old heritages of Mrauk U, which is one of five districts of Arakan State in western Burma.

According to Arakan chronicle, Mrauk U has a history of as an ancient city that existed from 1430 to 1784 AD. The Arakan State government source revealed that the budgetary allocation  for the city hall is estimated to be over 200 millions Kyat.

“We have reasons to believe that the ground, where the construction activities went on for some days, may comprise the tombs of Arakanese royal families including the kings,” said Ko Aung Soe Myint, member of Mrauk U Social Net Work.

He also argued that the construction might have ignored the UNESCO guidelines relating to  heritage sites. Moreover  Arakan State government has also enacted various laws to preserve old historical ruins.

Arakanese historians believe that the site of the proposed city hall is situated near Shi- thaung pagoda and Anoma park of Kyat Zay Quarter and it may be the place where the coffins of kings and other royal family members were kept (buried). So they protested the construction activities over there. Later the local people joined in their protests.

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