MPs Invited to Attend Parliament on NLD’s Oath Day

Naypyi Daw: Even though the two parliamentary houses, or Htut-Taws, have concluded their 23rd session, MPs have been invited to reconvene and attend Htut-Taw to observe the National League for Democracy representatives take their oaths of office, said U Pe Than, and MP From Mraybon Township in Arakan State.

“Both Htut-Taw sessions – the Union and People’s Parliament – have ended, but a declaration was made today (Monday) that on the 2nd of May, Htut-Taws will be reconvened because MPs from the NLD will be taking their oath,” U Pe Than confirmed.

He added that some MPs from faraway places have already purchased air tickets or bus tickets to return home because today’s session was the last day of the regular Htut-Taw meetings. “When they are told that some MPs have already bought air and bus tickets, permission was given that those who have bought tickets can skip the upcoming meeting. Therefore, some people will attend while others will be absent,” he explained.

He also expressed appreciation over the decision of the NLD to attend the Htut-Taw meetings by submitting the issue of wording in the oath of office.

“This is good. We are expecting the NLD and we are happy to hear the news. Because of NLD’s compromise, things will be quick and smooth. Otherwise, due to this word choice issue, time would be wasted, but now they are moving forward. It can be taken as a positive development for the country and we are glad,” U Pe Than elaborated.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi announced on Monday to the media that the NLD will attend parliament by taking the oath on 2 May, because the people and democratic parties wish for the NLD to attend the parliament meetings.