More Buddha statues get damaged in Arakan

Narinjara News, 28 July 2014


A damaging Buddha statue in Taung Bwe village.

Eight Buddha statues in a pagoda of Arakan State have been damaged by the miscreants few days back, informs the police and local sources.

The pagoda is situated at Tin Ma village hill under Kyauk Taw township of upper Kaladan river locality. Kaladan is the longest river of Arakan.

A responsible police officer from Mrauk U district police unit has confirmed about the incident stating that the Buddha images were destroyed by some unknown individuals.

“Mrauk U district police chief is now arriving here to investigate the matter. I am also accompanying him. As I come to know, the heads and arms of 8 Buddha statues are totally being damaged,” said the police officer.

However the officer denied further details about the miscreants.

“We have started the investigation process and talking to some youths who found the damaged statues inside the pagoda,” he added.

Mentionable is that some youths from Tin Ma village found the damaged heads and arms of Buddha statues on the ground and they informed the village elders about the matter.

U Maung Kyaw Tha, a Kyauk Taw township based Arakan National Party leader claimed that the local Buddhist people got angry with the incident as such the number of such cases are increasing in  the locality.

“We are really disappointed with the incident. It is for the second time in a month where Buddha statues being destroyed in our township,” said U Kyaw Tha.

Earlier on 14 July, five Buddha statues were destroyed by the miscreants in Taung Bwe village. The residents of the village remained angry with the incident.

He also revealed that the local Buddhist community believed that some thugs were involved with this kind of violent activities in the township locality. Nobody has been arrested in connection with the incidents.