Monks protest against the delay of flood-reliefs

Narinjara News

5 August 2015


Two monks in Sittwe, the capital city of Arakan, staged a demonstration on Tuesday against the delay of reliefs to the flood affected families across the western Burma province.

The protesters argued that the government and also the international non-government organizations (INGO) based in the country should come forward for offering relief materials to the victim families. Both the monks marched on the Sittwe streets holding a religious flag.

“Many people have been killed and thousands got displaced because of the recent flood. But the government has not responded visibly. I think, the INGOs have also discriminated while distributing relief materials to the affected families. All victims should be treated equally,” said U Kaythaya, one of the demonstrators.

According to local sources, many remote villages have not received any relief items till date even though they are facing crisis because of shortage of food, drinking water and medicines.

“We are disappointed with the functioning of both the government and INGOs. It compelled us to launch the protest,” he added.

The protesting monks also criticized Arakan’s biggest political party Arakan National Party for not taking appropriate measures to support the flood victims.

Raising voices against the INGOs working in Arakan, the protesters also claimed that they were more interest to help the Bengali people discriminating other nationalities in Arakan State.