Maungdaw- Buthidaung road in deplorable condition

Yangon, 22 September:


The prime road of Arakan connecting Maungdaw with Buthidaung is in a deplorable condition ever since the road in western border area faced the Koman storm and catastrophic flood.

According to the locals, the damage caused between seven mile and eight mile for over 1500 feet is most visible.

“Heavy vehicles like big trucks cannot move over the road now. The small cars have to run slowly and in many places the passengers have to get down from their vehicles and walk,” said a local.


The 16-mile Maungdaw to Buthidaung road is also important for communicating Bangladesh. A railway line was also built by the British during the colonial rule, but it has not been used since Myanmar’s independence.

The road is occasionally repaired by the government agencies, but they claim that due to shortfall of budgets the works are half-done always.

Many officers allege that they have to spend money from their pockets for the repairmen and then they to get it reimbursed.