Maramargree Chairman forced to sign promises after demonstration

Maung Aye

Sittwe: The Chairman of Maramargree Association in Arakan State, U Maung Nu, said he was forced to sign promises by the local authorities accusing him of going beyond their permission during a recent demonstration in Capital Sittwe.

He said he was asked to sign some promises regarding the peaceful demonstration that was held on 12th of October outside the Bangladesh Consulate in Sittwe.

“Yes, I was summoned by the State Police In-Charge Nay Myo and asked to sign that there was no permission for procession in the town in their permit granted for peaceful demonstration. He also warned me that the Arakan State is still not in a peaceful situation and that opportunists may take chance to create problems by such demonstrations and not to carry out such lawless activities”, he said.

Maramargree, an ethnic also known as Barua, and youths from the Arakan Network jointly held the peaceful demonstration in front of the Bangladesh Consulate in Sittwe protesting against the arson attacks and destruction of Buddhist monasteries and houses in Ramu in Bangladesh on the night of September 29.

U Maung Nu said they had to take the streets for their demonstration as the responsible authorities of the Bangladesh Consulate did not come out to receive their letter of protest to the Bangladeshi government.

“When we were holding a demonstration in front of the consulate, we demanded any responsible official come out and receive our letter of protest to the Bangladeshi Government. But no one came out to receive our letter and the gate of the consulate was also locked. So, we had to continue our demonstration taking the streets”, he said.

He said he does not want to say anything about his promise sign with the authorities, but all people including Maramargree, Thet, Mro, Dainak and etc who are living in Arakan State have their respective obligations to be loyal to their homeland.

He also said the situation in Sittwe have now developed with the security forces being deployed in all streets and places of the town.