Locals decide to protest against CNPC

Kyaw Win (Kyauk Phru)

Narinjara News, 7 April 2016


The residents of  Kyauk Phru locality in Arakan State have decided to raise voices against the Chinese company, which is engaged in Shwe gas offshore exploration, on 11 April asking due compensation to the farmers.

U Wai Tun Phyu, one of the organizers of the protest program, alleged that the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) had failed to clear the compensation to the local farmers for three years.

“We have been demanding the compensation for all these years, but the Chinese company always put a deaf ear to us. So we have no other options than protesting against the company,” said U Wai Tun Phyu, who hails from Kabaing Chaung village under Kyauk Phru township.

The organizers have already approached the local authority for the protest program, scheduled for next Monday at 3 pm in front of the CNPC’s  refinery.

The locals pointed out that over 100 acres of farmland were severely affected because of oil & gas exploration at Myo Chaung Kyung, Kabai Chaung, Ratana, KyoukKamoung, GyinGyi villages under Kyauk Phru township, where111 farmers had not received any promised compensation from the Chinese company till date.