Land Owner Threatened for Demanding Compensation

Rambree: The authorities in Rambree in southern Arakan State have threatened to arrest a local land owner for demanding compensation for his farmland that was confiscated for road construction in the area.

“The land owned by U Kyaw Nyan was confiscated by the municipality and was dug up for rocks to pave the road in the Kyaukchaung and Kyauknimaw Road Project. His farmland was also damaged very badly. The municipality did not pay for his land and when he demanded compensation, the township administrator became angry over his demand and ordered him to come to his office,” said a close friend of U Kyaw Nyan.


He said the township administrator, U Aung Thu, has now threatened to arrest U Kyaw Nyan because he did not go to see him when he was summoned to his office on 14 March.


“He did not go to see the administrator because he was threatened with being jailed when he prevented the road construction team from digging his land for rocks. He is now suffering not only from losing his land, but also from threats from the authorities,” he said.


The authorities confiscated two acres of U Kyaw Nyan’s land, situated on the Kyauknimaw – Kyaukchaung road that is being constructed as part of an island ring road in Rambree Township.


The land was confiscated by the municipal engineering office during construction of the ring road by the border area development team.


The island ring road in Rambree Township is now being constructed to cross through Rambree. Kyauknimaw, Kyaukchaung, Zeetaw, U-Ga, Aunghlapyin, Kyauknagar, Zaratpyin, Kinn, and Maronn in the area, and will connect to the main town of Kyaukpru.