Lakhs of Yaba tablets seized from Arakan tourist destination

( Mrauk U, 29 September 2014)

YabaThe Arakan police seized over four lakhs of Yaba tablets from an ancient palace in Mrauk U, a well known tourist destination of western Burma.

“We have seized 4,12,000 Yaba tablets of worth 1,236 million Burmese Kyats on  27 September 2014 from Mrauk U palace, which were abandoned by unknown people,” said a police officer.

Some school students of Mrauk U found few bags full of Yaba tablets as they were playing on the ground of the palace. Soon they informed the concerned officials about the Yaba tablets.

The officials of Burma ancient research department immediately informed the authority and the police on duty rushed to the location to resize the banned tablets.

The police continue their hunts for the owners of Yaba tablets and informed that it was massive success of the department. Earlier the police seized another consignment of Yaba tablets from Mrauk U in 2012, but that was comparatively a lower volume of the banned medicine.

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