Illegal timber trade to Bangladesh continues

Yangon, 21 September:


Sizable volume of timber from Burma (Myanmar) to Bangladesh is being traded illegally and according to the locals of Ann in Rakhine State, those wooden logs are being sent to the neighboring country through the boats over Mrauk Oo river.

A local resident in border areas, who wanted anonymity, claimed that the timber has been sent through various rivers. Some influential individuals of  Sakhann Maw village are carrying out the illegal business with the help of corrupt government officials.

The conscious resident urged the authority to take immediate actions against the illegal trade and also impose a ban over the practice. There are allegations that the traders have not even spared the sacred trees for the selfish interest.

The locality has few important rivers namely Sakhann Maw Chaung, Ao Pon Chaung,  Mrauk Oo Chaung etc. The villagers residing on the banks of these rivers belonged to various tribes like Kamaung Chaung, upper Zingaung, lower Zingaung, Ao Pon, Thaya Gone etc. The locality has lost huge number of old and full-grown trees because of the increasing human greed.

However the criticism is also growing over the issue and the environmentalists argue that the unabated tree-cutting has impacted the ecology of the area and hence the devastation of flood, erosion, landslides etc is multiplied lately.