ICRC renovates ponds in Arakan

(BySan Maung Than,Narinjara, 21 October 2014):


International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is presently engaged with the renovation of many ponds and water bodies in Sittwe, the capital city of Arakan in western Burma.

According to the ICRC sources, two important ponds at U Ray Kyaw Thu and Ohantabin are already being renovated by the international organization.

Days back, there emerged a debate in Arakan that the international NGOs were biased to the Muslim community. Even various Arakanese groups demanded their exit from the State. But slowly the situation turned into normalcy.

The ICRC officials held a ceremony in No 6 Singualnd Quarter Middle School  on  October 15 and explained about their works to the villagers.

Enrique Ochoe Fernades Lomana, the Sittwe based ICRC officer threw light on the back ground of ICRC and its activities to the listeners in the ceremony.

The meeting was attended by over 40 persons including Singuland Quarter head man with the villagers and few ICRC employees.

Addressing the gathering, the ICRC engineer Pierr-Yuei Pittaloud explained about the implementation of welfare activities. The renovation of Singuland pond is under process, he revealed.

U-Ye-Kyaw-Thu-lake“We  had arrived  in Sittwe after the sectarian violence that erupted in June 2012. Now the situation has been improved and we are cooperating with the Arakan health ministry in various aspects,” added Enrique Ochoe Fernades Lomana.

The renovation of U Ray Kyaw Thu pond started in July 21 and it was finished by  August 31. The organization made it compulsory that the renovation must not affect the quality of the water and its usage by the villagers.

The workers first cleaned the bushes on the ponds and then erected fences. Moreover a floating bridge and a concrete ladder have been built in every pond for the benefit of the locals.

The ICRC had earlier renovated few hospitals in Sittwe, Mrouk Oo, Minbya, Kyouk Taw etc and donated medical tools for those hospitals. It also trained medical employees to improve their work culture and also life styles.