Hundreds of Mro people hiding in jungles

Narinjara News

30th August 2017


Over 200 Mro tribe people are still hiding in jungles near their respective villages under Maungdaw township after the extremist terrorists exploded improvised bombs and set many houses of their village on fire.

At least seven Mro people including four women  were killed by the terrorists at Khun Dai village in Pada Gar village tract of Maungdaw locality in the night of 28 August. One man and four women received injuries  after the incident, said a Mro villager.

The terrorists also dared to attack on police outposts in the locality since late Sunday.

The Mro villager from a hiding group informed Narinjara News over the telephone about their plights and urged the government to do the needful at the earliest.

“We are hiding in the jungle for the last five days. We are worried about our security as some Bengali terrorists set on fire our Khun Dai Mro village. We witnessed many villages were already destroyed by those terrorists,” added the teacher.

The terrorists attacked many  outposts along Maungdaw border since 25 August and set many non-Muslim villages on fire. Villages like upper Pruma,  Khun  Dai Mro Village and Parwet Chaung Mro tribal villages have already faced the attacks.


Over 200 villagers including women & children, fled from Khun Dia  village to jungles as they witnessed  hundreds of Muslim militants  attacked  their village, stated the villager.

“We donot have enough food & water here. Please help us by sending the information to the authority. Otherwise we will die here inside the jungle,” he concluded.

At least 100 people were killed, several wounded and few people went on missing after the August 25 terror attacks on 30 security outposts in western Myanmar. The extremist Militants continued their disruptive activities over non-Muslim villagers in various localities even after brutal attack.

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