Government to repair Sittwe’s reservoir pond with loans from Japan

Sittwe: The Arakan State Government said it is planning to repair the main reservoir pond in Sittwe after taking a loan from Japan when it answered a lawmaker’s questions regarding with the pond in the parliamentary session held on 10th of December.

Kandaw Gyi lake in Sittwe.

The pond known as Kandawgyi was built during the British rule as a rain water reservoir. It is now over a century old and the main source of water for the residents in Sittwe.

According to the town residents, the pond is now in need of urgent repair as it is old enough and its surrounding dams have deteriorated.

They said security is also needs to be stepped up around the pond as it is the only main water source in their town.

About 3 million gallons of water is said to have been lost from the smaller pond connected to the Kandawgyi as the bank of the pond broke away last June.

The damage on the bank of the pond is 60 feet wide, but it is still unknown whether it was aused by man or nature.

Daw May Zan, a school teacher from Paloattaung Ward in Sittwe, said the fate of the town residents will be unthinkable if the bank of the Kandawgyi brakes away just like the bank of the smaller pond.

So, the town residents want the government to immediately repair their main water reservoir ponds and deploy more security personnel to ensure the security of the ponds, she added.

U Aung Mra Kyaw, the lawmaker from Sittwe who asked the questions of Kandawgyi in the parliament, said the regional government has answered his questions and that the plans are now underway to repair the Kandawgyi with the loan from Japan.

“I have asked those questions to the parliament according to our people’s desire. The parliament has replied to my questions that our state government is now preparing to rebuild the Kandawgyi with the loan from Japan”, said U Aung Mra Kyaw.

He said he has also urged the government to increase the numbers of security personnel to ensure security for the reservoir ponds as the parliament has replied to his questions that there are still only two personnel undertaking security for those ponds.