Gigantic whale found dead in Arakan coast

By Wanna Kuanyo
26 January 2016

Whale 22

A gigantic whale of around 29 feet length was found dead in an Arakan coast on Sunday, said an eye witness.

The villagers saw the whale at Myodaw Oo sea-beach under Manaung township at around 4 pm on 25 January 2016.

Writer Wai Hun Aung, who visited the locality to investigate the matter, witnessed the big whale with many injuries over its body. He suspected that the aquatic animal might have swam among corral rocks under the water and thus sustained serious injuries.

Earlier, another large whale died on  the  sea-beach adjacent to Gwa township in south Arakan. The villagers witnessed around 30 feet long bones of the aquatic animal.

Gigantic whale found dead in Arakan coast