Four percent of patients die due to staff shortage in Sittwe Hospital

Narinjara News, October 18, 2018

by  San Maung Than


An average of four in every 100 patients is dying due to lack of doctors and nurses in the Sittwe General Hospital in the Rakhine State’s capital Sittwe, the Rakhine State Minister of Social Affairs Dr Chan Thar said.

He said this during a press conference on the Rakhine government’s performance within the second year of its term, which was held at the Rakhine State government office on October 17.

The Sittwe Hospital provides treatment to over 50,000 outpatients and over 20,000 inpatients every year.

Although the number of permitted staff in the Sittwe Hospital is 882, only 377 staff have been appointed and the hospital has a shortage of over 500 staff. Although the hospital should appoint 35 senior consultants, it can only appoint nine senior consultants and there are only ten consultants although there should be 74 consultants, according to Minister Dr Chan Thar.

“An average of four in every 100 patients is dying in the Sittwe Hospital due to staff shortage as it has to treat a large number of patients. The ratio of bed and doctor is unbalance,” he said.

Although the Sittwe Hospital has been upgraded from a 200-bed hospital to a 500-bed hospital in 2015, it is still at a 200-bed level and treats 400 patients per day.

“When the construction of the four-floor building is completed, it will house another 200 beds and all the patients have better space,” the minister continued.

The number of road accidents has increased in the Rakhine State compared to previous years, making it the third leading cause of death.

“Alcohol-related cirrhosis is the leading cause of death in the Rakhine State. The second [leading cause of death] is lung disease and the third [leading cause of death] is injuries,” he explained.

The Minister of Social Affairs urged the media to give public awareness besides criticizing the requirements of the medical department.

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