Five suspects arrested for military corporal’s murder in Sittwe

Narinjara News: Monday, October 01, 2018

by  Marn Yu Kyaw (Shwewa Myay)


The police have arrested five suspects in connection with the murder of a corporal from the Military Affairs Security Unit in Sittwe, Rakhine State, according to their family members.

The family members said five local residents from Ywar Gyi Myauk Ward in Sittwe were arrested by the police at around 7 pm on September 30.

“My husband went out with my son yesterday evening to cook a meal together with his friends. The police came to arrest them while they were cooking the meal [while playing music with] small sound boxes. I only learned about it after my son came to tell me with a bicycle. My husband doesn’t do politics and he is only a trader,” the wife of one of the detained suspects said to Narinjara News.

The officials from Sittwe No 1 Police Station and No 2 Police Station arrested the suspects and they are currently detained at No 1 Police Station, according to an official from No 1 Police Station.

“It’s true that they are kept in custody here, but they are under the jurisdiction of No 2 Police Station so you should ask them for details,” the official said in response to Narinjara News’ inquiry.

Narinjara News has not been able to contact No 2 Police Station to find out the suspects’ names and details.

The family members of the detained suspects were not allowed to meet them when they visited them at No 1 Police Station this morning, according to a family member.

Corporal Ko Phoe Lone, also known as Ba Oo, from the No 1 Military Security Affairs Unit in Yangon was shot to death in Sittwe at around 9 pm on September 25. He was gunned down while he was fetching his motorcycle after visiting Wingabar Grounds Fair with his family.

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