Five Burmese Injured in Attacks by Indian Workers

Kyauk Pru: Five officials from a Burmese company were injured when Indian workers attacked their office at a work site of the Shwe Gas Project in Kyuakpru in western Burma’s Arakan State.

A local contractor working with the Burmese company said its name is “Parami” and it supplies water to the work stations of the gas pipeline construction in Kyaukpru Township. They said five officials from the company were injured when the Indian workers attacked their office with rods and brickbats and assaulted them.

“Nearly 100 Indian workers from the basic pipeline construction station no. 1 in Pyatae Village in the area attacked the Parami office around 10:00pm on 24 October because of the shortage of water at their station. They not only beat the officials at the office but also destroyed the glass windows and doors of the office with rods and brickbats,” said the contractor.

He added that the five victims, including Ko Zaw Zaw Thein, the office-in-charge, and Ko Thu Aung, an engineer, were injured when they were beaten by the workers during the attack.

The attack reportedly stopped after local police arrived and intervened.

According to the source, the Parami Company has taken the responsibility to supply 10,000 gallons of water per day for 400 workers at the workers’ station in Pyatae Village, and it has been gathering the water from a nearby spring at Mintattaung in the area and purifying it before providing it to the workers.

Due to the hot weather in the area, the water levels in the spring have dropped, and the company has only been able to supply 8,000 gallons of water to the station per day. This has caused an insufficiency of water at the station, and the angry workers attacked the office in retaliation.

When contacted by Narinjara, one company official confirmed the attack but said they had been ordered by Parami and the local law enforcement not disclose any details about the incident.