Fire broke out inside school campus in western Burma

(Narinjara News, 5 August 2014)


A fire broke out in a village of Maungdaw township on January 28. ( Photo: Internet)

A low-intensity fire broke out at a school compound in the western Burma border locality. The fire, which emerged in the evening of 31 August, gutted a school building located in the Mingalar Gyi Muslim village.

An education department officer pointed out that the fire was set on by some miscreants.

“As it is a rainy season now, there is less probability that the fire broke out because of careless uses of inflammable item. During the incident there was a heavy downpour and we believe it was a planned action by the miscreants,” he asserted.

Official records say that Mingalar Gyi village, which is situated 13 miles north of Maungdaw, has a government middle school with four buildings. Among those no 3 building was totally burned down in the incident.

Mingalar Gyi middle school has over 1175 students with 12 teachers. All the students hail from the Muslim community, though some faculties were non-Muslims.

“We come to know that a group of Muslim Bengali youths stayed in the school campus on the fateful evening for a celebration related to their religious festival Eid. They also cooked foods inside the school compound. So the fire should have some connections with the party,” he added.

The local villagers witnessed the flame inside the school campus at around 9 pm. They immediately informed the border security force personnel belonged to No 6 commanding officers. The security force soon arrived on the spot and helped nearly hundred villagers, assembled there, to bring down the fire.

A police officer from Maungdaw confirmed that the fire continued for nearly two hours and damaged the school building of 120 X 20 square feet areas totally.


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