‘Development should precede Kyauk Phru Special Economic Zone Project’

Kyaw Win (Kyauk Phru)
Narinjara News, 10 April 2016


The  Kyauk Phru Rural Development Association stated that it would not accept the proposal for Special Economic Zone Project at Ramree island until the authority fixes the accountability and assures developments in the concerned localities.

The rural development association, in a press statement also clarified that the security of the affected arears must not be compromised.

The concern came out in the annual meeting of Kyauk Phru Rural Development Association held at Hnan Phay Taung village monastery under Kyauk Phru township on 7 & 8 April last.

“Though some activities like land measurements are presently going on for the special economic zone, nobody is explaining to the local residents. But they have their right to get the information,” said U Tun Kyi, the chief consultant of Kyauk Phru Rural Development Association.

He also added that the development activities should start immediately before initiating for the special economic zone. Otherwise, it will have more negative implications over the locals.


Pointing out the example of Shwe Gas exploration project, where initial incentives were given to the local residents, but no development activity followed. Rather the local farmers faced land confiscations without any compensation, added U Tun Kyi.

Various civil society groups like Kyauk Phru Social Network, Sky Youth, Thazin Thway Thit Social Network, Local Development Association No (7), Rakha Power Social Welfare Association etc attended the annual meeting of Kyauk Phru Rural Development Association.

The annual meeting, graced by 70 people from 50 villages, also formed the Board Director Team, Consultation Team, Local and Village Chief etc. The previous meeting witnessed the formation Chairman Team and Secretary Team for the association.

The Kyauk Phru Special Economic Zone Project includes industry zone and deep sea port zone also. The China government owned CITIC Consortium, comprising six companies, will implement the projects with the investment of 9 billion US dollars on 4200 acre of land.